About us

Paydar Plastic: A manufacturer of nylon, T- shirt nylex, printed plastic, disposable tablecloths, garbage bags on roll

Our business was started in 1977 in the Molavi Street through purchase - sales – distribution of polymer products. We are the third generation of this industry. Backed by experience acquired previously in the series of Hashemi and transferred to us, we thought to expand and develop our business. In addition, due to lack of an appropriate reference to provide qualified products in an appropriate cost, we decided to produce plastics by our Collection.

Given that in 2012, through investigating in the manufacturing sector of white and colored T-shirts Nylex – in variety of colors such as purple, yellow, red, blue, green, orange, light yellow and black- we were able to make more satisfaction for our old customers. Moreover, due to observing people with requests to produce other products as well as our own interest to national production, we decided to expand our products.

Of course, the idea of producing nylon and nylex and other products which are almost subcategories of these two main products has been occupying our minds for many years, but we tried to step wisely and allocate some time to analyze the market and produce at an appropriate time.



What differentiates us?

Due to our enduring presence in plastic market and direct relation with user, we found out that in the mess of price and competition, there are still some people whose tendency is using products with good quality. As we have always been fan of quality, therefore, we are constantly trying to prepare the best products for our customers.

When did “Payadar” entered to our family?

Since 2012 that we have been performing administrative tasks to set up production nylex such as machine purchase, preparation of a suitable workshop to start with and etc., selecting an appropriate name made our minds busy.
After thinking for a while, the brand of “Paydar” came to our minds. The name was chosen for a good reason. According to the history of our presence in market; high interest in manufacturing products with high quality; immortality in the market and making honor for our dear country, this name is the best option for our goals. 
 Our goal is being sustained through the production of products with good quality.

Our goal is being sustained through the production of products with good quality.